Kenny's Coming Home

• Play with music and songs by Shane McNamara

• 3 Female • 2 Male

The Green family have moved out of the inner city and
into the Western suburbs. The family's move has been prompted by Dad's political ambitions. When the local Member drops dead playing squash Dad seizes the opportunity. However, his political leanings so horrify his sister, Aunt Dorothy, that she decides to stand against him. Aunt Dorothy sees Dad as a traitor to Labour ideals, the ideals of Ben Chifley. Dad is unperturbed for he knows son Kenny, a local footy legend, will bolster his campaign. Sadly for Dad, Kenny is not the person he was. The family is thrown into turmoil in this political satire told with the addition of twelve rollicking songs.




• Q Theatre Penrith

• ABC Radio Drama

The kind of vibrant production that will appeal to all-whether you are politically aware or not. A fast paced political musical comedy harbouring shades of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Daniel Dew

The political agenda is serious: the loss of humanist ideals, the sacrifice of principles to pragmatism… all in the cause of a foot tapping, broad grinning, handclapping good time.

Bob Evans, Sydney Morning Herald

KENny's Coming Home