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When Pat rescues Annie from the Girls Home and takes her back to her country they both think they have found peace. Pat is able to continue his life on the road and Annie can settle down to a quiet life as a new mother. But, in post war Australia, things are not quite so simple for an Indigenous family.

Nor is it so simple for the well meaning white fellas who try to help them out.

Luck of the Draw charts a family’s struggle for survival from the last years of WW2 to the present day.

It is a story about identity and survival.

Publication: Currency Press


• Darwin Theatre Company

• Kooemba Jdarra

Luck of the Draw is a mesmerizing piece of theatre which gets the level of audience address just right, balancing loss with restoration and renewal, and takes us on an ultimately hopeful journey.

Veronica Kelly, The Australian

The script links individuals to universals through recurring metaphors – fish caught in nets, brumbies trying to find their way back to the mob… a familiar, harrowing tale of an Aboriginal family dislocated by assimilation policy and racism over at least two generations.

James Harper, Courier Mail