A detailed examination of Romeo & Juliet for senior secondary students.

Four Actors discover the hidden treasures in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

The Actors comment on the action of the play and, at times, enter scenes to comment. The text opens Romeo and Juliet up so that it becomes accessible to a young audience.

Connections are made between the Elizabethan world and the contemporary one. The timeless struggle between generations is examined in the context of the play. The consequences of actions and the obstacles that prevent resolution are explored.

Turning points are played out and analysed. Shakespeare’s language is demystified and discussed as the Actors share their discoveries with the audience.

Style: Shakespeare in a contemporary context

Length: 60 minutes

Casting notes: Larger cast option for a classroom context: four students could play the designated actors with additional students playing the Shakespearean characters.

Cast age: 16 to 18, 18+

Audience age: teen, young adult

Publisher: Australian Script Centre