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• Large cast for teenagers

An adaptation of Euripides' Women of Troy for school age performers. The adaptation focuses on the effects of war, particularly on women. Troy could be any trouble spot in the world. A group of teenagers play in what turns out to
be a city destroyed by war. They become involved in the sacking of Troy and take on roles in the play.

This adaptation has been written for a large cast and could involve a whole class.

Publication: Australianplays.org


  • Newtown High School of the Performing Arts

  • Luther College, Melbourne Victoria

  • Airplay - ABC Radio National​


Australia's Nomination for the Prix Marulic - International Radio Festival, Zagreb

"When approaching this adaptation I focussed on how the play might speak to contemporary audiences. The theme of the effect of war on women and children resonated strongly. You don’t have to look very far to see the kind of collateral damage about which Euripides wrote so powerfully.

I then hit upon the idea of a contemporary journalist being airlifted into a trouble spot. I was particularly taken by the tragic death of Marie Colvin who literally gave her life so that the world knew about the horrors of modern warfare. In my adaptation a female Australian journalist travels back in time through the Dardanelles to Troy and embeds herself with the women of Troy. She becomes a player in Euripides’ story."

Ned Manning