Offspring Series 2&3 Doctor Southern Star Productions

Mr. Chifley’s 50 Days Communist Official Film Australia

White Collar Blue Brendan McAlistar Knapman Wyld

Changi John ABC

Australians at War Various ABC

The Farm Eddie Burberry Productions/ABC

Aftershocks Stan Gill Dir. Geoff Burton/SBS Telemovie

Soldier, Soldier Ed Grisham Carlton Television – UK

A Country PracticJeremy, Paul Adams, Blue JNP Films

Brides of Christ Sean RCC


Naked Under Capricorn Tom Copeland Dir. Rob Stewart

Dirtwater Dynasty David Kennedy Miller

The Shiralee Jim Dir. George Ogilvie

Bodyline Jack Fingleton Dir. George Ogilvie

Cop Shop Squizzy Crawford Productions

Young Ramsay Dodgy Dave Crawford Productions

Prisoner Nick Grundy Television

The Restless Years Danny Grundy Television


Last One Standing Joe Old Fitzroy

Daylight Saving Tom Finn Q Theatre

Betrayal Robert STC Ed.

Dreams of a Salesman Biff STC Ed.

Wet Dreams Gary Sydney Festival

Street Level Glen Griffin Theatre Company

Hamlet Various STC

The Precious Woman Various STC

Nathan and Tabileth Bernie Fortune Theatre

Norm and Ahmed Steward Fortune Theatre

Twelfth Night Sebastian Canberra Repertory

Romeo and Juliet Romeo Canberra Repertory

Female Parts Tommy Canberra Repertory

Changing Room Billy Canberra Repertory


Menkoff Method Harold Dir. David Parker

Random 8 Harry Dir: Kathryn Millard

The Fall of the House Detective Travenar Kurrajong Films

Looking For Alibrandi Mr Coote Belle Ragazze

Get Away, Get Away Benny the Brain Winfalz Investments

Dead-End Drive-In Crabs (lead) Dir. Brian Trenchard-Smith

G’day Love Baz Dir. Sue Richter, AFTRS

Debris William Dir. Alexander Proyas, AFTRS

Rebel Private Jones Dir. Michael Jenkins

Odd Angry Shot John Dir. Tom Jeffries

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