An exploration of Julius Caesar and Othello for secondary students.

Four Actors explore the language and themes of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and Othello. The Actors comment on the action of the scenes and sometimes enter the scenes to comment. They play with the rhythm of Shakespeare’s language and discover how Shakespeare uses language to create meaning and reveal character. The role of prose and verse in defining action and character is discussed. There are many contemporary references in the script as the Actors search for what might be relevant in Shakespeare to an audience today.

Issues such as bullying, plotting and conspiracy are discussed as a way of opening up the two plays themes. The script also investigates the issue of multicultural and cross gender casting.

Style: A contemporary take on Shakespeare

Length: 55 minutes

Casting notes: Flexible cast options for a classroom context: four students could play the designated actors with additional students playing the Shakespearean characters.

Cast age: 12 to 16, 16 to 18

Audience age: teen, young adult

Publisher: Australian Script Centre