"Ned Manning has written ten scripts for The Bell Shakespeare Company’s Actors at Work program from 2005-2011, which were seen and enjoyed by up to 70,000 students a year from Groote Island to Tasmania.

Two teams of four actors travelled all over Australia introducing the world of Shakespeare to young people in schools of every shape and size.

Using contemporary references these scripts illuminate the themes, language and characters of Shakespeare’s plays by connecting his world to ours. The characters move in and out of Shakespeare’s scenes as they discuss and dissect pertinent questions that arise.In seven of the scripts two plays are examined and compared within the context of a chosen theme.


Love’s Magic examines the magic of love in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Romeo and Juliet. In the Conspirators script the political machinations of Julius Caesar and Othello are pitted against the political machinations that plague the contemporary political world.

Three 'Intensive' scripts have been written for senior students and examine each of Hamlet, Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet individually in detail. Ned was nominated for an AWGIE for Romeo and Juliet Intensive.These scripts not only make Shakespeare accessible to young people but are both entertaining and informative for young people of all ages. I enjoyed working with Ned when he was employed to write these scripts for Bell Shakespeare and am happy that they are now available through"

John Bell A.O.
Co-Artistic Director
Bell Shakespeare