finding your voice

Finding Your Voice promotes literacy, language and learning.

• The course* involves 20-30 students writing and ultimately performing short (7-10 minute) plays. They may write the plays individually or in groups.

• The course structure entails:

- introduction to writing for theatre;

- exercises in writing dialogue;

- character and scenes;

- detailed feedback;

- rehearsal and staging;

- performance of play.

• The program can be delivered over a minimum of five x 80 minute sessions and a maximum of twenty x 80 minute sessions. It may be delivered  over a term or within a concentrated period.

* PlayUp is also available for adults of all ages.

"Finding Your Voice has grown out of 30+ years of teaching and writing both plays and books as well as working as an actor in film, TV and theatre. After moving away from the classroom I've decided to help share what I've learnt in the art of writing for theatre."

Ned Manning

Drama 2.JPG

"The last two pieces blew me away... it was Karen people, telling the story of their own family's flight from Burma, through a refugee camp in Thailand, and then finally to Australia... if I weren't already performing I would be dragging every last one of you down to see this."

Bruce Hardie