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Last one Standing

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Joe is an old chippy desperately hanging on to his castle and his vision of a fast disappearing Australia. Inspired by the memory of his lifelong partner and inspiration, Ruth, Joe attempts to repel what he perceives as full frontal attacks from his children, Bill and Katy. His life is literally falling apart but he refuses to bow to the inevitable and suffers the inevitable consequences.


Production: Old Fitzroy Hotel, Sydney

An elegy about a vanishing Australia… a blend of the present and the past, the slippery and the steadfast, the soulless and the soulful.

Bryce Hallett, Sydney Morning Herald

Last One Standing has sage things to say about children assuming responsibility for ageing parents, on respect, love, memory and location.

Jason Blake, Sun Herald

...issues are complex and emotional, particularly with family dynamics and past baggage, which Manning fluidly points up here.

Cristen Kelly