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Milo is a hobby farmer with a splendid hippy vision of rural self sufficiency that is somewhat hampered by his reliance on dope and his love of a good time. His partner Di is a high powered public servant who seeks refuge from the pressures of work in their rural retreat. She is, however tiring of Milo’s dreams and half baked plans. Their lives are brought into sharp focus with the arrival of Toby, a farmer battling to hang on to his fourth generation property, and his partner Peg, a new mother who calls a spade a shovel. While the men alternately reminisce and trade blows, the two women prove to be way tougher than either.


• Currency Press



• STC Wharf 2, Walsh Bay

• Q Theatre, Penrith

• Theatre South, Wollongong & NSW Tour

One of the best plays written about the bush/city divide

John McCallum, The Australian

Quintessentially Australian and offering equal measures of entertainment and provocation…timely, touching, tough and terrific.

Doug Anderson, Sydney Morning Herald

A strange combination of Russian melancholy and Australian ockerism.

Mary Vernon

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